by The Burner

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released April 16, 2014

Recordered: Zvuki Planety Studio
Mixed & Mastered: Dmitry Mikulich
Thanks Anton Bondarenko (Challenger Deep) for sessional vocals on "Bloodoozing", Ilya Muhomorov (Unsilent) for back vocals on "Mother" and "Fiend Or Friend?"

Igor Kovaliov - Vocals
Alex Grigorevich - Guitar
Dmitry Matveev - Guitar
Alex Terehov - Bass
Yuri Kovalenok - Drums



all rights reserved


The Burner Minsk, Belarus

Hey! We are THEBURNER! We make the music that we love! Right now we are working on our new LP album!
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Track Name: Mother
The time has passed
You almost have not changed
You look so beautiful and cute like ever since I saw you
Did you feel the warmth of my tiny hands I pulled to you?
Mama, could you be proud of your son lying on the ground in the arms of the fate?
It is too late to rearrange all the events that a chance manipulates
Why do I have to tell you why I love you when it is over now?
Do not you think it is too late to go ahead and make excuses when other lips gave me the kisses and other hands raised up from knees?
Do not you think it is too late when it is over?
So why do I have to tell you why I love you when it is over?
You left me when I was a child so innocent and pure like an angel’s bliss
And now you are knocking at my door but the nails in my heart will not let you, mother, in
Track Name: Lifelong
Darling, can you explain why does it hurt in my heart?
Why do my hands feel weak and it dimmed in my head?
Every time I get bogged in your bottomless eyes I am dying in arms of the past memories
All that I have got you behold in my heart
Is it the end, my dear?
Life that I have shared with you is burned in letters and turned into dust
Do you remember the day marred by future?
Do you remember me passing you by?
Are there not words enough that more must be said to ascend to Heaven and testify that love that I have bared in you is pure like a diamond and fragile like dream troubled by nightmare
Wake up, wake up
Wake up and follow my sighs
You will not see, will not touch all the feelings I have got
You were always blaming me for my love, so fuck you, bitch!
Track Name: Fiend Or Friend?
Tell me what you could ever say about the truth I always claim
And where is this definite solution that will make me see the lies and break illusion of sweet predominant confusion where I am a fool and you are my friend
Am I willing to alter my senses if it is no longer my fault?
Is this desperate lie is so insane that I have not believed in it yet?
All I have got in my head is spinning around and around you and me
Do not deepen the hurt and burden the wounds for it will not conclude into anything that we could stand both
Do not try to make the world work the way you believe it ought to because you have deceived itself first
You will not change the answer
Track Name: Fame
Do not hide these things from eyes!
I would rather you not ever puddle the price you have paid for your demise – that is all I can see in your eyes
You will not hide behind your disguise
It took so long to realize that all you have never tried to conceal from us burns you and all you have got from within
You close the door and open lungs for smoke
Your heart is sold and mind claims for the hope, man, to carry out the burden of the alcohol
Where is your entity?
Open your eyes, and shut your mouth and never show obsession!
Where is your sanity?
Find in your wise the strength to rise and overcome your tension!
Do not cling to fame – you are just borrowing it, man!
If you will die then somebody else is going to get it!
Track Name: Father
When you will stand in front of the open gates to the precious peace that you have claimed for what would be your excuses to those pure apostles that you have left behind?
Will you tell them a story again that you were a martyr and everyone threw a rock at you, and everyone blamed you of lie
What if the world tries to change the things?
All those predominant things that ever made us believe in you when we were younger and green
How shall I live without praising your saints and praying for the grace
Bring me my faith back!
In these desperate times, your words sound like a nuisance
I am awfully sorry, dad, but I will not let you go
Seriously, I am your son made in your own and I have got some questions you have to answer
I have got questions you have to answer me - your son made in your own
Father, I promise you that we will not change
I pray for you I do not know whom
So, fuck, when you will stand in front of your flock what would be your excuses?
What will you say to me and millions who is waiting for you?
Track Name: And Dirt Can Be A Currency
Are you not going to stop before you will get close to the time you bore yourself as hell?
Where is your confidence that it is discreetly to pay for the dirt fressed every day?
You have got in tune with modern slaves that dig in gold their graves
So will you run and pay for all the goods on your way that is drowned in the dirt or pray for the accidental victims of commercials and consumption?
Is this the way you have got approach to get the name?
Will you embrace the sense that will not fulfill your aim?
Ok, let us do it once again!
Spend you have earned to buy you do not want to impress the one’s you hate?
Do you mind being anyone else than you are?
Are you not sick of it all?
You are going to play the ball, even though you know it will not help you
Money for nothing and brass farthing for love and honor, faith and truth!
The time will never change its flow and money will not make you wiser and never return people buried and chances lost
You had better pay for wars and crime, you had better pay for games and lies, but you will never buy your life for all the treasures in the world
Run and pay, Jesus!
Track Name: Fortune
You make me feel vile when I see your smile
I am lying on the ground with no chance to stand up and you are hanging over me and my life
How was it possible that you had twisted me round?
You are dancing on my bones teasing me with hope
Do not sit near me when I believe in aces in sleeves and my money retrieved!
Do not leave alone with Queen of Spades and nothing in my hands and noose around my neck!
Is this the path I deserve?
I have got nothing but will not give up!
Tell me what have I done!
Tell me what was my fault!
I am lying on the ground and I am aware I am moving
Do not hang over me when I am crawling in circles – I am dying in the arms of the streets - this what could happen if you have mocked over me
Why did you give me that shining coin that I have left for me?
Track Name: Bloodoozing
Let the bastards ring the bells!
Let the prayers burn in hell!
Let the wolves be the sheep and the murders be the victims!
Let me be no closer than a stranger passing you by on the most common day, because I cannot find any explanation to the principles and sequences
Now comes for me the time to engage my burial place near your open wounds for you are a bone of my bone and a flesh of my flesh
Shall our sons who will never forgive us bid an enemy live even if they believe that it was only mistake?
Blood on my hands and blood in your heart is wretched
Track Name: Light
Convergence of all that we could bear in our hearts and unites us in the darkest of days is changing the way you ever think of faults that we will never regret for and never forgive
Beginning of long path that will bring us back home to the place where we will be a part of the world is a new wave of light that bury all our dreams and give us confidence in return
Will you just follow my steps and take my hand and realize?
Will you dance with me in this light - this deafening light that seals our hearts again?
All the hope we have left to the desperate brings us faith
All those passionate sighs that we hide from eyes brings us love
All those second chances that we have granted friends brings us strength
Will you follow me?
Will you take my hand and dance with me in this light?
Does it make difference now if you believe in my love?
Why cannot we make it alive?
If you do not mind my intention, I will not be your dissention forever ever and now
This is my light!
The first time anything that happens to us – the second one will never be the same – the first love, the first success and first defeat
You know we are never going to have the same feeling that bound us when we were so close even though we were so different
We promised not to leave our hope and never stop to be ourselves and follow our aim and never change the path
We lit the light in our hearts – the guiding light that shining brighter than thousands of stars in distant solemn space
This is the light that made us smile in trouble and gather strength from faults and fractures and be brave by reflection
This is the light that gave us hope in dark and made our minds up in uncertitude and guided us higher
Let us run through the woods, through the time and take close to the bones and to the hearts tight in our hands and in our minds and deep in our chests and in our eyes the light that bring us back home!